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(DeLorean Dual Fan Controller)

This module is intended to fix the fan startup problems common with DeLoreans. These problems may include stalling at idle when the fans kick on and other electrical problems caused by brown out type conditions in the electrical system.

Features of the DeLorean Dual fan module:

  • Microcontroller based for reliability and accuracy
  • Small size 3.3in x 2.2in x 1.4in so it can fit inside the DeLorean Relay Compartment
  • This module supplies the fans with power directly from the battery (via the 10 AWG) so as to not cause a voltage drop (brown out) at your fuse box
  • Only one wire to connect up, 10 AWG to battery, the rest is just plug in
  • The DDFC turns on one fan at a time with a 3 second delay so the high start up currents of each fan don’t both ‘hit’ your electrical system at the same time
  • Two green LED’s on the wire side of our module indicate when each fan output is commanded on for troubleshooting ease
  • Uses two standard 30A Bosch type automotive relays for easy parts replacement
  • Fan outputs include anti-spike diode to protect relays and reduce electrical noise
  • Each fan output wire is individually fused with a ATM/Mini-ATC type 15A fuse
  • 12-month warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer defects

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