(Thermocouple Signal Adaptor)

Thermocouple wire NOT included

The TCSA module connects to any K type thermocouple and conditions the signal into a linearized 0 to 5V signal that can be used by any standard 0-5V data logger and/or other voltage monitoring equipment.  The TSCA can be use with standard EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) vehicle sensors. 

Signal amplification, conditioning and cold junction compensation are all done by the TCSA module.  


V-output versus Temperature (°C)

0.50V                  100°C

1.00V                  200°C

2.00V                 400°C

3.00V                 600°C

4.00V                 800°C

5.00V                1000°C



·         Reverse voltage protection in the event of incorrect power connections

·         Short circuit protection on all inputs and outputs to 12V or ground

·         Built in cold junction compensation

·         Linear output signal, within 1%, from 150°C to 1000°C

·         Low standby current

·         Works from 10V to 20V supply voltage

·         Light weight

·         Small package

·         12 month warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer defects


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