(Adjustable Time Delay Module)


The TDr, and ATDr, module is an electric switch, no internal mechanical contacts to wear out, that can be triggered ether by a 12v signal or a grounding signal.  Once triggered the TDr/ATDr waits a pre-selected amount of time before activating its own output, the output will stay active for as long as ether one of the input triggers is active.  The TDr/ATDr's output is a grounding type output that can ground 2.0A directly or be used activate a relay to operate any required loads. 

 Perfect for NOS (Nitrous Oxide System) injection applications or any application needing a delay after being triggered. When ordering we will need to know the minimum and maximum delay times you need for your application.  Delays can be from a fraction of a second up to several minutes.

The ATDr module's delay time can be adjusted, via a turn adjustment, for any delay time from the minimum to the maximum delay time.  The min and max delay times are chosen by the customer at the time of purchase.

The TDr module's delay time is chosen by the customer at the time of purchase.

The TDr, and ATDr, modules are Factory Re-Programmable; If you ever need new settings programmed into your module, just email us for a reprogramming quote and return instructions.

  • Microcontroller based for reliability and accuracy
  • Reverse voltage protection in the event of incorrect power connections
  • Short circuit protection on all inputs and outputs to 12V or ground
  • Positive (12V) or Negative (Ground) type input trigger wires for ease of installation
  • Output can sink/ground 2.0A continuous to ground, up to a 3A surge
  • Waterproof
  • Low current (5 - 15mA)
  • Indicator LED to confirm operation and indicate mode
  • Works from 8V to 25V supply voltage
  • Light weight (31g)
  • Small package (5.4cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm)
  • Factory Re-Programmable
  • 12 month warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer defects


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